Flirty, Dirty Escapism

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Flirty, Dirty Escapism


Welcome to my little corner of the web world. As promised, today I’m here to tell you a bit about what you can expect from me and my stories.

Erotica is a fascinating genre. In the past few years, it’s risen to the forefront of the public consciousness with the astounding breakaway success of 50 Shades of Grey, and more now than ever, erotica has gone mainstream — and kink with it.

Earlier this year, I was reading a lot of the genre, from J. Kenner’s fabulous Stark trilogy to Abigail Barnette‘s Boss trilogy. I was also reading books by the fabulously sexy authors Tamara Mataya and Mina Vaughn. Coupled with all that was a desire to have a new project where I could write something different, fun, and sexy…and voilá — here we are.

My tagline is Flirty, Dirty Escapism because that’s exactly what I want to aim for. Fun, steamy erotica that takes you out of our world and gives you something to sink your teeth into. Protagonists who own their sexuality and celebrate it. Delicious kink and inclusiveness.

1 October will be the first release — REKINDLED will hit shelves in just a few short weeks as the first book in the Highlands’ Gate series. Expected to be a 12 title series, Highlands’ Gate will encompass now through mid-2016.

Here’s what you can expect…

Highlands’ Gate is contemporary erotica in twelve standalone stories that will be woven together with larger series arcs.

Diversity. We live in a diverse world, and working in a hostel, you meet diverse people. The series will center on two main protagonists with a couple cameo stories from the perspective of hostel guests. One of our main protagonists is bisexual, so you can expect some f/f pairings in her stories.

Kink. Many (but not all) of the Highlands’ Gate stories will involve BDSM, including some delicious bondage, D/s (domination and submission) play, and discipline. In a market dominated (pun intended) by the billionaire Dom and his not-so-billionaire subs, you can expect some Domme (FemDom) action and exploration of some different power dynamics.

Sex positivity. I believe that sex is a natural and positive aspect of humanity. It’s a chance to learn ourselves, our bodies, and explore emotion and pleasure. I believe that sex should be safe, sane, and consensual. I believe in enthusiastic consent and that consent can be hot. I believe in safe sexual practices and that erotica as a genre can be a normalizing factor in all of the above.

And beyond Highlands’ Gate…

Later on I’ll explore genre erotica, likely fantasy and perhaps a sprinkling of sci-fi. For now though, travel with me to Scotland to meet Alyssa and Sam — and have fun with their sexcapades. 😀