Highlands’ Gate

Alyssa Greenbriar and Samantha Matthews are living the dream. Easy job, beautiful town, and plenty of tourists coming through the hostel who are looking for flings. Alyssa knows and loves her own kinks — a Domme with a degree in physics to tell her exactly how much force she’s capable of applying with her flails, she contents herself with driving her boys to the brink and making them beg for more. Sam is a happy-go-lucky girl who’s yet to get in touch with her submissive side and wonders why the blokes she finds never seem to quite do it for her.

At the Highlands’ Gate hostel in Inverness, Alyssa and Sam explore their passions and their dreams on their extended gap year, never quite realizing that maybe for both of them, finding love could be an unexpected side effect.


1 October: REKINDLED

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Four years ago, Alyssa Greenbriar had a fling with Aidan Winters on the eve of his departure for southeast Asia. When a chance meeting brings them back into each other’s lives and beds, Alyssa will remember exactly why their night has stuck with her for so long — and why she wants this man tied up for her and only her.

5 November: REBOUND

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Samantha Matthews and Vic Matheson have more in common than just similar surnames. Sam’s had her eye on Vic for a year, and even though Vic’s been off the market, he’s had his eye on her too. When Vic’s girlfriend dumps him and leaves him single again, Sam’s more than happy to be his rebound girl…

…but she doesn’t expect that doing so might bind her in other ways too.eva jamieson, erotica, rebound, sam and vic, kink, bdsm, literotica




RegiftCover126 December: REGIFT

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Sam’s ready to escape the frenetic hostel at all costs — so when Vic sends a text inviting her over for some much-needed escapism, she doesn’t need much convincing. Still discovering what it means to be a submissive, Sam learns that trusting her Dom’s orders? Rewards that trust in full. But even though Vic’s ex is now out of the picture, someone else might end up proving to be a complication…

Alyssa’s spent the last two months trying to avoid going home to Virginia for Christmas. Her mother’s family is in from Peru, her father’s spent the entire month of December cooking, and everyone in the house is going to want to weigh in on what Alyssa’s not doing with her life. When she narrowly escapes the tinsel-trailing family home on Christmas Eve to drown her worries with tequila and discovers someone’s flown into Virginia just to submit to her, Alyssa will find her solace in her own dominance.


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